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As part of our corporate mission, we strive to create lighting solutions that not only make the world brighter, but also make it more sustainable. We designed the gHID ballast to be revolutionary, and we’re now completely redefining the efficiency and reliability standards of the lighting industry.

Lower Electricity Consumed, Less Fuel Burned

Our gHID ballast does an excellent job reducing our customers’ energy costs. In addition to these major financial benefits, our customers’ businesses become more environmentally sustainable because gHID directly reduces the lighting energy requirements for day-to-day operations by up to 75%. That means less fuel is burned to produce electricity.

Existing Fixtures & Landfill Waste

Unlike installing a new technology such as LED or Fluorescent which both require removal of existing HID fixtures, gHID can be installed in virtually any existing HID fixture. This means that our customers experience best-available lighting energy savings AND they do not create excess waste. Simply put, gHID keeps waste from discarded fixtures out of landfills.

Sustainability Reporting

Companies are increasingly involved in reporting on the sustainability of business operations. gHID reduces energy consumption, and the reductions are quantifiable. And because this energy reduced is historically created by burning fossil fuels, your business becomes greener and leaner with gHID.

Major Impact with Low Cost

HID applications are not small–parking lots, roadways and airports to name a few. When you decide to flip the switch to gHID, the savings are as big as the scale. If you thought you were saving big money by turning your lights off for an extra hour per day, just wait until you do the math to see how much impact you’ll have when you turn your 1000 watt energy hog into a lean & mean 320 watt gHID powered light.  You better be sitting down when you find out the results.