Sales & Financing

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Ok. You’ve seen the light and you are ready to start saving money. Genesys can meet your needs and goals to get a deal done in any situation. It’s quite simple: we can calculate your savings before you flip the switch to gHID. As long as we know how much you pay for electricity, how many fixtures of what wattage, and how often they are on, we’ll do all the math and identify your best route to savings.

How You Can Start Saving Today:

  • Direct Sale

Genesys sells gHID products direct and energy cost savings start on day one.

  • Shared Savings

A win-win solution for everyone.  You don’t pay $1.  Genesys will finance everything–cost of the equipment, labor and anything else we need to get the job done.  In exchange, you agree to pay a portion of your savings to Genesys over time.

Subsidies: Incentives & Rebates

Customers aren’t the only ones who appreciate our massive energy savings.  Most utilities and states offer subsidies to rate-paying customers in exchange for energy saving improvements.  And gHID qualifies in almost every instance.

To maximize the financial value for our customers, we pursue all potential subsidies offered by local utilities and states. And Genesys does all of the work. All we need is access to utility bills and a lamp inventory of existing facilities, and we do the rest. Our financial and technical expertise allows us to make every gHID installation provide the best possible value for every customer.