The gHID Difference

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The Genesys gHID ballast uses patented technology to produce significant cost savings but uses conventional HID lamps. gHID has been rigorously tested and is now in service in a variety of applications, including parking lots, roadways, industrial facilities, retail and airports.

Financial Benefits of gHID

  • Decreased Power Costs. gHID produces cost savings of up to 75% but delivers the same or better lighting quality.
  • Reduced maintenance costs. gHID extends lamp life by 2-3x, and the ballast life by 3-4x versus conventional magnetic ballast systems. The gHID ballast treats the lamp the way it wants to be treated – it strikes roughly half as hard, and far less often than other ballasts.
  • Immediate cash-flow. Genesys can install ballasts and agree to share customer savings so that no cash outlay is needed.

Technical benefits of gHID

  • gHID – driven lamps give better light quality, producing brighter, whiter light at lower power levels.
  • gHID is designed for both exterior and interior installation, and built to perform in extreme conditions from -30°C to 105°C (-22°F to 221°F). Most electronic ballasts don’t come close.
  • Keep your existing fixtures: Installing gHID is almost as easy as changing a light bulb – gHID is usually installed in a facility over the course of one or two days, with no disruption to business
  • Three-minute re-strike time with gHID versus 15-20 minutes with other ballasts,  eliminating unnecessary energy consumption and reducing downtime
  • Quiet, consistent operation with no audible hum or visible flicker producing better conditions for customers and employees
  • Longer lamp life. Increased efficiency coupled with drastic internal heat reduction delivers unrivaled electricity savings, longer lifespan, and better reliability.
  • Safety: gHID Ballasts are UL certified.

Plus, we can demonstrate why gHID outperforms convetional HID, fluorescent  and LED products.