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Genesys Global provides lighting solutions through our innovative energy efficiency technology: the gHID ballast. Our patented gHID solution is transforming the global lighting landscape: it provides best-in-class energy efficiency savings for virtually any existing high intensity discharge (HID) infrastructure. gHID delivers efficiencies of up to 75% while providing a brighter and better quality of light.

American Roots. International Reach.   Genesys Global is based in Asheville, NC and Charlotte, NC and is guided by a team of lighting, energy, and finance experts.

gHID was born in the halls of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Genesys maintains an R&D laboratory in Oak Ridge to perfect and test our products for performance and quality.

Genesys has partnered with Artesyn Embedded Technologies, an affiliate of Emerson, as our exclusive manufacturing partner, which allows us to deliver the best proposition in the market.

gHID has been deployed across the world in a variety of applications, including parking lots, roadways, industrial facilities, and retail outlets.  There are millions of HID lights out there in the world.  We aim to have gHID in all of them.