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Genesys Global provides lighting solutions through our innovative energy efficiency technology: the gHID ballast. Our patented gHID solution is transforming the global lighting landscape: it provides best-in-class energy efficiency for virtually any existing high intensity discharge (HID) infrastructure.

  • Savings. gHID allows customers to save up to 75% on lighting power costs without sacrificing light quality.
  • Proven technology. gHID was developed at Oak Ridge National Lab; is manufactured by Artesyn Embedded Technologies, an affiliate of Emerson; and is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a nationally-recognized independent product safety organization.
  • Easy and quick to implement. gHID replaces conventional ballasts and can be installed inside any existing HID fixture. Installing gHID is almost as easy as changing a light bulb. A two-person crew can retrofit 30 fixtures in an 8 hour shift, with no disruption to business.
  • Cost-competitive. gHID is a sustainable solution – we can help customers to achieve their energy efficiency & sustainability initiatives while simultaneously improving the bottom line
  • Immediate cash-flow. By sharing savings, Genesys can manage the installation of gHID so that the process can be cash-flow positive Day 1 for the customer.
  • Energy efficiency rebates. Upgrades to gHID are eligible for significant utility rebates in most states.

The gHID Difference

The Genesys gHID ballast uses patented technology to produce significant cost savings but uses conventional HID lamps. gHID has been rigorously tested and is now in service in a variety of applications, including parking lots, roadways, industrial facilities, retail and airports.

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LED lamps are not the only key to lighting energy efficiency. gHID provides energy savings comparable to LED (up to 75%) at a fraction of the cost, with better light quality and dispersion. For most facilities that have HID already, gHID is superior to LED for an energy efficiency retrofit.

gHID produces lumens per watt ratings 25% – 30% higher than LED. That’s more light per dollar of energy cost. To cover the gap, a typical HID-to-LED retrofit requires the installation of extra fixtures to produce the same amount of light. This means added installation cost, and lower energy savings.

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The gHID Difference gHID vs LED

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