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Genesys Global
Light. Recreated.

Genesys Global provides lighting solutions through our innovative energy efficiency technology: the gHID ballast. Our patented gHID solution is transforming the global lighting landscape: it provides best-in-class energy efficiency for virtually any existing high intensity discharge (HID) infrastructure.

  • Savings. gHID allows customers to save up to 75% on lighting power costs without sacrificing light quality.
  • Proven technology. gHID was developed at Oak Ridge National Lab; is manufactured by Artesyn Embedded Technologies, an affiliate of Emerson; and is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a nationally-recognized independent product safety organization.
  • Easy and quick to implement. gHID replaces conventional ballasts and can be installed inside any existing HID fixture. Installing gHID is almost as easy as changing a light bulb. A two-person crew can retrofit 30 fixtures in an 8 hour shift, with no disruption to business.
  • Cost-competitive. gHID is a sustainable solution – we can help customers to achieve their energy efficiency & sustainability initiatives while simultaneously improving the bottom line
  • Immediate cash-flow. By sharing savings, Genesys can manage the installation of gHID so that the process can be cash-flow positive Day 1 for the customer.
  • Energy efficiency rebates. Upgrades to gHID are eligible for significant utility rebates in most states.